Boulder's Best Burgers & Beer

At Rueben’s Burger Bistro we’ve got burgers. Lots of burgers. All natural burgers. We’re talking half-pound, hormone and antibiotic free, delicious burgers sourced right here in Colorado (like most of the ingredients we use in our products).

Rueben's Burgers

By lots of burgers, we mean LOTS: 15 different burgers on the menu made from a list of toppings (e.g., pancetta, pepper jack, pickles, ponzu aioli, provolone, toasted pumpkin seeds…. and that’s just the Ps) to suit every taste, even if your taste doesn’t include beef (yep, we’ve also got turkey, chicken, buffalo, and house-made vegan veggie burgers as well).

If your taste doesn’t even include a burger, you’re still in the right place. Mussels and fries, design your own mac-n-cheese, big delicious salads…. We could go on, but this is making us hungry….

You know what goes really, REALLY well with a fresh, half pound all natural Rueben’s burger? Beer. Not just any beer, because this is a respectable establishment and its unseemly to serve the best burger around with lame beer. We serve the best beer in the world.

Signature Glass

You know who makes the best beer in the world? Belgians. They’ve been doing it practically forever (10 centuries), and they’ve got it down. We have about 80 different Belgian beers in the place.

You know who makes the second best beer in the world? Coloradans. We have dozens of beers from local microbreweries in house on any given night. Colorado’s only been a state since 1876. Give us a little time and the Belgians’ll be in trouble.

A burger and a beer. Pretty simple.

Come down to Rueben’s Burger Bistro and see how incredibly good simple can be.